Budgets for your condo – a know how

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A budget is of foremost importance when it comes to choosing a contractor for your condo. You may get several contractors operating at various budgets. As a rule, you have to first fix your budget. How much you can spend, only you can decide. This can have minor variations if the builder suggests genuine improvements. A variety of builders who can do low-end, mid-range and high-end homes are available. Some of them may offer you unique features in their construction of executive condo west singapore and so may not be very flexible with the prices. Thus, it is up to you to decide on the type of builder based on the budget.

  • Timeline for payment: The builder should also be flexible with regard to the timelines for payment. These should also be clearly mentioned in the contract. In the initial stages, a down payment is required to be made. Later at each stage of completion, you will be asked to make payment. There should not be any changes to this once accepted through a contract. For this matter, you should visit the site and then decide on the stage completion. Sometimes the company may say that the stage has been completed but in reality, work may be pending. Without getting work done, if payment is transferred, you may be deceived.
  • Completion: Sometimes work cannot be completed as per the timeline mentioned. This is natural and holds good for all contractors.

Hope the above would have been a good guide in terms of selecting a contractor for your new construction.

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