Falcon System21 Fire Alarm Panel

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With a choice of 4 up to 80 zones panel available in a single unit and a maximum of 32 sub panels that can be put onto the network, the FALCON fire alarm system panel can act as main and/or sub-panels in network systems.  As an alternative to the network system, the FALCON System 21 series will operate without a hitch in the common looping systems and is compatible with panels from various manufacturers.

The FALCON fire alarm control panels were created to quickly alert in the event of a fire, defect, or failure. The panels can be used in a variety of applications from small to large projects, such as commercial buildings, condominiums, industrial places, institutional buildings, and car park buildings. They have a user-friendly interface to control a wide range of functions.

Five alpha-numeric 7-segment LED displays to provide a strong indication regarding the kind of faults and alarms (display Fire Zone, Fault Zone, Isolate Zone, AFV & Network related issues), and individual zone isolation makes operation easier.

  • Individually adjustable dip switches for AFV, 3-min Alarm, Status o/p, Decam, Battery Fault, and Buzzer Intermittent Bypass
  • Facility for individual walk testing
  • AFV programming is possible for each zone.
  • The alarm zone number will be shown when in AFV mode until the system is reset.

Services  provided to them

FALCON offers fire alarm system solutions and services that meet your needs. Its mission is to protect life, property, and the environment through prevention, preparedness, and fire emergency response. FALCON manufactures its fire alarm control panels, as well as related items like fire extinguishers, using its knowledge in the fire prevention sector to ensure that your fire protection system is complete.

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